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Tandem Skydiving at Georgia Skydiving Center is the best way to make your introduction to Skydiving. Tandem jumps are the best thing whether you are trying to become a certified skydiver or if this is your first skydive. Georgia Skydive Center is the best place to start your jumps.

First you will have a short, however thorough class. Next you get suited up in a flight suit. After boarding the plane you and your instructor climb to the highest altitude possible (around 14,000 ft) before you take your jump.

You are harnessed to the front of your instructor. This gives you the feeling of jumping on your own as you have your own rip cord and your altimeter. Tandem Skydiving allows you to try out skydiving under the guidance of an experienced instructor who has jumped over 1000 times.

tandem skydive

tandem skydiving

This is the best way to get your feet wet. You get to experience all of the fun of freefall under the close supervision of your instructor.

Don't forget to get this videotaped. We have a professional videographer jump out of the plane 5 seconds before you so that they can capture your entire skydive. Your friends and family will love to watch these.

After your first tandem jump you can begin your solo training at Georgia Skydiving Center. After you complete you solo training you will be USPA (Untied States Parachute Association) certified which means that you will be able to jump at any drop zone nationwide.

You should wear comfortable clothes - jeans and a T-shirt are fine. Wear Sneakers or Tennis Shoes. Comfortable clothes.

Georgia Skydiving Center is affiliated with the United States Parachute Association (USPA) and is sanctioned by the FAA. To book your skydive check out our Reservations Page.

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