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Becoming a certified skydiver has never been easier. It is a course that consists of 7 Accelerated Free Fall jumps. You have approximately six hours of ground school. Then your jumps increase in difficulty as you become more experienced.

accelerated freefall

Your jumps are all solo. You are in your own parachute and you have two instructors jumping with you making sure that you complete your jump safely as you freefall through the air.

On every AFF skydive, safety is greatly enhanced by direct in-air jump master supervision. You will freefall for approximately 70 seconds, then deploy your own parachute, maneuver back to the landing area and land under radio supervision.

Level 1
Your skydive training begins with a 4 to 8 hour ground school that usually runs about 6 hours. This course will provide you with a basic orientation, aircraft procedures, freefall body position, canopy control, landing, practice parachute deployment, and more. Two Accelerated Freefall (AFF) Certified Jump Masters will be assigned to you. They will assist you with certain freefall training maneuvers and with deploying your man canopy (parachute). Georgia Skydiving Center AFF jumpmasters will remain with you for the entire freefall portion of your skydive. You will then steer the canopy back to the main landing area with the assistance from an Atlanta Skydiving Center staff member via use of our ground to air communication system.

Level 2
You exit the plane with 2 jump masters, and continue to learn the basic skills for body flight including free fall turns and moving forward across the sky.

Level 3
You exit the aircraft with 2 jump masters and continue to enhance your basic skills. As you progress, and your flying skills improve, your jump masters will release but at all times be close at your side, you'll now experience the feel of acceleration on your first solo freefall. You are flying by yourself!

Level 4
As your skills continue to improve you will learn "Heading Control" using 90 degree turns and forward movement, this time with one jump master.

Level 5
This level continues instruction with more controlled 360 degree freefall turns and forward movement with your assigned jump master

Level 6
Your first solo exit with your assigned jump master close by your side. You learn more advanced maneuvers as you dive out and learn delta tracking (gliding across the sky), freefall flips and recovery from pre planned unstable body positions

Level 7
One jump master remains with you in freefall while you make a solo DIVING exit and demonstrate your newly acquired skydiving skills. After successful completion of this level you are now cleared to self jumpmaster or jump without any in air supervision. You now skydive at Georgia Skydiving Center for only $18 per jump.


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