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Corporate Events - Georgia Skydiving Centers provide a fresh alternative to the Corporate Picnic. Give your catered affair a twist and allow a Georgia Skydiving Center to host your event. Schedule a skydive for the more adventurous within your organization, and the less adventurous can enjoy the bustling, exciting, environment on the ground while watching friends and family prepare for their skydive. Imagine. those who crave excitement in an outing, will have the most thrilling experience of their life. and those who enjoy something a little more peaceful will enjoy the serenity of watching colorful canopies splash across the sky and float to the ground. ALL IN THE SAME OUTING! Call today to receive a special corporate group rate, and arrange your corporate event.

skydiving events

Bachelor Parties - Add some REAL excitement to your bachelor party! Start this time honored tradition at Georgia Skydiving Centers and enjoy an adrenaline packed experience that you will remember forever. But don't forget the video. this will be one that the groom will be proud to show his Bride! Call today to arrange the most thrilling bachelor party you could ever imagine.


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